Driving the nanoinformatics wave

The NanoCommons (https://www.nanocommons.eu/) research e-infrastructure and NanoSolveIT (https://nanosolveit.eu/) projects are developing the knowledge management and nanoinformatics tools to support in silico nanosafety assessment  (published in Scitech Europa www.scitecheuropa.eu) DOI: http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3765525 You can access the article here.

Zeta‐Potential Read‐Across Model Utilizing Nanodescriptors Extracted via the NanoXtract Image Analysis Tool Available on the Enalos Nanoinformatics Cloud Platform

Abstract Zeta potential is one of the most critical properties of nanomaterials (NMs) which provides an estimation of the surface charge, and therefore electrostatic stability in medium and, in practical terms, influences the NM’s tendency to form agglomerates and to interact with cellular membranes. This paper describes a robust and accurate read‐across model to predict…